Classical and Traditional Songs for Community Well-Being

What do opera singers and healthcare workers have in common?

The healing power of music has cultural and historical resonance. Recent research expands our knowledge of the effect of music on the brain and body systems; the capacity for song to slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress hormone levels parallels its capacity for inspiring resilience and personal reflection and growth.

Inspired by the power of singing as medicine, we have partnered with Minnesota Community Care, a St. Paul community healthcare clinic, to produce a special online vocal concert: SongBreak. This partnership is formed with the goals of supporting community health care work, increasing community access to classical and traditional vocal music, and coping with the grief and hardship of COVID-19.

This first concert of the SongBreak series will stream online via pay-per-view access in March 2021. It features gifted professional musical artists, soprano Riley Cardona, basso Brian Haase and pianist Bryon Wilson. Directed by Craig Fields, these artists will perform a concert of engrossing, inspiring vocal music from the classical traditions of art song, opera and musical theatre. The music addresses the pain and hardship we have all endured due to the death of family and loved ones, serious illness, financial and food insecurity, social isolation, anxiety and depression.

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