ORPHEUS Music Project is committed to music for social good through the power of singing and storytelling.

We will enlighten, inspire, and build awareness of the intolerance and injustice that divide our world, by creating:

innovative programming that delivers relevant social messages

messaging partnerships with likeminded organizations and artists

performance opportunities, training programs, career guidance and financial support for emerging singers, composers, writers and artists

The Project Vision

ORPHEUS Music Project believes in the inspirational power of music-storytelling to amplify important social messages that change hearts and minds to help make this a better world. The company will produce varied musical productions, including new, familiar, unique, and rarely heard works of song, choral music, opera, operetta, music theatre, cabaret and the like. Our projects will be designed to create strong connections and partnerships with diverse likeminded organizations and artists in order to give voice to relevant, mutually valued social messages. The projects will also employ innovative approaches to the mixture of genre, venue, format, and medium to reach widely diverse audiences and lower traditional barriers between audience and art form.

ORPHEUS Music Project will select their storytelling projects using a specific set of criteria. The projects should:

Address relevant issues of the day with a clear message of social good

Create beneficial messaging and partnerships among diverse artists and organizations

Explore unique and innovative usage of genre, venue, style, formats and media

Lower traditional barriers between between audience and art form

The Program Vision

Artists are a vital part of creating and preserving a healthy, stable society. Acknowledging their importance now and in the future, ORPHEUS Music Project is committed to nurturing emerging artists and their awareness of music’s power as a tool for social good. We will bring these artists into our projects whenever appropriate in order to instruct and facilitate their transition into successful professionals through meaningful development opportunities, such as:

Performances opportunities with ORPHEUS productions

Quality training, instruction and career guidance

Financial support for living expenses, study, promotion and travel

Introductions to professional management, producers, established artists